About Nedate
Nedate is a social networking platform that offers everyone the chance to earn money by publishing photos, posts, commenting and more. Free registration no commission required.

1- Purpose of the project

The purpose of Nedate is to guarantee all users a better experience in using social media. Nedate is a free social networking platform that allows users to interact with other users by sharing posts, images, videos and more besides on Nedate you can earn money simply by doing normal actions such as posting, adding reactions, comments or inviting other users.

2- Rules of Nedate

  • A- Each user can only have one account.
  • B- All social users must maintain polite behavior, avoiding threats, racism and any other type of behavior that is disrespectful to the community.
  • C- it is strictly forbidden to use bots or other automatic systems to increase your points.
  • D- it is strictly forbidden to add random reactions or to comment with texts that do not correspond to the subject matter or add futile posts just to increase your score.
Anyone who does not comply with a rule of the aforementioned risks permanent suspension of the account and including the permanent removal of all their information and content from the platform, in addition all the points accumulated will be canceled.